Thursday, 15 March 2012

Golden Children 15th March

Well done to Alice and Davey Lee for being superb Student Council representatives.
I had the pleasure of joining them in last week's School Council Meeting and I was so proud of the way they conducted themselves. Two amazing individuals.


  1. Dear Grade 4,
    Thank-you for so many wonderful comments on our blog this week. I am currently at home because I have lost my voice - have you seen it? One of you wanted to know how to make a Voki (the talking koala widget) just go to and try and make one. I will try and send a video link next week on how to make one. Last year my Grade 2 children all made one so I have faith that you guys will do it easily especially after seeing your clay animations.
    Keep up the great work,
    Mrs Davey
    Epsom PS

  2. HI

    I am in school council and very well done to Alice and davey.

    From Alex in vauvert.

  3. Hello, my name is Noah and I am at Vauvert school
    and I am in the school council as well.

  4. Well done you really deserved it you are brilliant school councils well done

  5. Well done Alice and Davey from Luke's big sister chelsea

  6. Well done Alice and Davey you deserve to be in the Golden Book and you are both fantastic school councilers.

  7. Well alice and davey I am so proud of you that you was in the gold book from alyssa