Monday, 19 March 2012

We've had the best afternoon ever!

Words cannot express how proud I am of each and everyone in my class.

This afternoon we celebrated Mother's Day and invited our Mums, Grans and Nans into school for a delicious dinner, courtesy of Ursula our school cook and for a cuppa and cake back in class.

We were all very excited and I was a little nervous hoping the event would go as planned.

I didn't need to worry - it was wonderful and I think the Mums, Grans and Nans knew how much they are loved and appreciated by all the children.

Here are some photographs from today.

Leading our guests to the dinner hall

Mums follow behind

Taking our Mums to be seated

Smiling faces

Children take the orders for their guests

Asking what they would like to eat

Waiting to get the food

Lots of Mums, Grans and Nans

Waiting for lunch to be served by the children

Having a catch up

Waiting for lunch

Adding some healthy salad to the plate

The salad bar

Catching up

There you go Mum

There you go Mum

Mrs Warner back in class organising the tea and coffee

A very busy classroom

Making a cuppa for Mum

An impromptu guitar rendition

The excellent guitar players

The excellent guitar player

A big thank you to Ms Hillerby, Mrs Glover, Miss Morris, Mrs Ditch, Miss Stevens and of course Ursula, Sarah and Sandra.

An even bigger thank you to all the Mums, Grans and Nans for coming along this afternoon, we hope you enjoyed it.


  1. A big well done to Year 4 and to Mrs Warner as today has taken a lot of effort but looks to have been worth it. Hope all the Mum's/Nan's felt very special and proud.
    Mrs Warner...... I hope someone makes tea for you at home this evening!! Miss Hillerby

  2. Olivia's grandma had such a wonderful time. It was fantastic of Mrs Warner to organise such a wonderful treat. Thank you so much to all of Year 4, Mrs Warner and to my wonderful Olivia for inviting her grandma today.

  3. Year 4, Mrs Warner, Mrs Ditch, Ursula and all the other staff involved - I had an amazing time today, lunch was faboulous and then to be served tea and biscuits in the classroom - what a real treat!!! Thank you so much to all of your for your super hospitality, roll on next mothersday I say!
    Jamie;s Mum

  4. Thank you so much Year 4! I absolutely loved it today, it was such a treat to be waited on and having lunch made for us. Ursula's jacket potatoes were lovely! I loved the crispy skin on them, you can tell they were not microwaved! The children were so polite and attentive and a credit to Mrs Warner today. I hope they are all very proud of themselves! especially the very capable announcer!
    Thank you
    Sam - Alice's mum

  5. I really enjoyed mothers day lunch giving our mums tea and lunch it was really fun.

  6. My mum realy enjoyed her jacket patato and beans

  7. I thought it was great and it was the first tea I have ever made my mum!

  8. YORE mums will be very happy.

  9. Mrs Warner, Mrs Ditch, Ursula and all the other staff involved Thank you all for planning this event for our mums it showed them how much we apprieciate them,Grace's mum said she nearly started crying about the wonderful day,Grace's and Elle's mum used a coupon the one that Grace's mum used was "This Coupon Provides you to Peace and Queit" Elle's Mums said"This coupon entitles you to some you time".

  10. I loved it but sadly my mum had to go back to work son i joined jaiden,Elle and Ella we watched a movie called little stuart 2! by LukeC

  11. Hi everyone your afternoon tea looks really exiting wish we could do that
    By cait

  12. Today was the BEST DAY EVER my mum loved she said the best bit was when she eat her dinner by Abbie

  13. unlucky I was not here that day because I had tooth ake now I wish I was here mrs warner

  14. Thankyou for a lovely mothers day lunch it made my day. The food was lovely and i loved the decorated biscuits and coffee in the classroom. All the kids were brilliant and so well behaved, so well done Mrs Warner and thanks again.
    Joshua's mum

  15. Mrs Warner - what a fab day, I hope I can count on you to organise my parties in the future! I think year 4 parents must feel so proud of their children. Well done everyone: Mr Wildgoose