Sunday, 4 March 2012

Learning Logs

Have you seen the new Learning Logs?

Here is Alyssa's Learning Log, she is giving very good e-safety advice. 

The others can be found on the Learning Logs page click here


  1. Hello Alyssa,

    E-safety is a very important issue. I'm glad you are so skilled in e-safety you are able to share advice with others. Well done!

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

  2. Learning logs are a great way of recording your learning, meaning that you can reflect on work and then share it with the world. E-safety is an important topic in the 21st century so thank you for sharing.

    Mr Harrison
    Miriam Lord, Bradford.

  3. Hello guys! I just looked at your Showcasing Learning Logs on E-safety and I am very impressed by the way you published your ideas. You obviously thought about it and planned it very carefully. Well done!!
    Ms van der Spuy - Broadlands School (NZ)

  4. Well done Year 4, you have used a really creative way to showcase a really important message about e-safety :-)

    I am a massive fan of Learning Logs and yours are a great example of why! I use them within my class an they enjoy them - how do you feel about them?

    Mrs Ratcliffe, St Peters Primary, Oxfordshire

    1. What I think about learning logs is I do like them because I love art but some times I am not in the mood and it can waste some of my time. by abbie

  5. learning logs are the best thing to do home work in every one who has homework should have a learning log

  6. thats great alyssa can you do mine for me:)

  7. learning logs are cool and I want to keep them Mrs Warner i would have a million learning logs a day

  8. I really like learning logs there really fun and you learn alot more than you do with a full of math sums and you have got alot more room to write also you can alot more info for u to learn about.

  9. I think that Alyssa's learning log is exellent I love how she has put Alyssa says and she has put rules on it.

  10. Wow Alyssa your learning log look's fantastic.