Saturday, 30 March 2013

Sumdog English competition

A new Sumdog competition is open.

There will be prizes for the top three on the leader board.

Good luck and have fun!!!


  1. I will try that out .william

  2. Miss Warner i am in first place on the sumdog english copertion and William is in second place it's only us in the sumdog english compertion i have 149 and William has 75 points. from Josh

    1. That's great Josh! I wonder who will win. There's plenty of time for the other children to join in yet.

      Do you like the games?

  3. Miss Warner your right because someone else as joyned sade has joyned in the sumdog English compertion. yes Miss Warner i do like the games as specialy endanged from Josh

  4. I love Sumdog but unfortunately I don't have much time to go on it but I will defiantly go on Sumdog tonight and tomorrow.