Friday, 13 July 2012

Evacuation 2012

On Tuesday night Year 4 took home a plastic bag to fill with possessions they would take on their adventure.

Children with their bags

Air raid siren goes off

All about me - for the host family


How much? Only £5 per week

Propaganda poster. "Get your children out"

Explaining what you are taking


Top trumps to play

Included a torch

More propaganda posters

Even taking his Moshi Monsters

Gas mask

A tub of crafting supplies

Look at all those clothes
 Did you enjoy evacuation day? Would you like to have done this for real in WWII?


  1. Hi year 4 bet you all had loads of fun doing evacuation 2012 what was it like was it fun bet you all enjoyed it. It is awesome in eygpt and I have got say buy to james I will really miss him I am missing you it is fun in school there is this thing called the lazy river it is awesome.

  2. Hi Luke hope you are having a great time.Pity I couldn't really evacuate the class and have an easy afternoon!!!!!mr,walls