Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Year 4 Talent Show 2012

To celebrate the wonderful year we've spent together, Year 4 rounded it off with a Talent Show.
I remember the one we had back in Year 1. Here is a link to the Year 1 photos.
Three years on and there are still some very talented individuals.

I really enjoyed it, thank you for working so hard to make sure your act was perfect.


  1. Hi Mrs Waner it's me Alyssa I loved last day in year 4. The best bit was the talnt because pepole did difrnt things. tow more thing is I have good news about my egzam I have passt my egzam and I had a tret ti was choclet and you are the best thecher in would

  2. That's brilliant news Alyssa, very well done on passing your exam. I am really proud of you. Your presentation on Ballet was wonderful, you deserve to achieve when you work so hard. Congratulations.