Friday, 6 July 2012

Persuasive letters - notes under the door

Yesterday with Mr Walls, the children continued the work we have been doing about adverts, and persuasion. They had various situations where they had to respond with a "note under the door"

Scenario 1; You want to watch the film starting at 9pm, your bedtime is usually 8.30pm and it's a school night.

Letters to Mum

Scenario 2; Your homework is due in tomorrow and you need Dad to help, trouble is the Euro 2012 final is on.

Following on from this Mr Walls suggested the children wrote notes to me, to persuade me to let them have an end of year party. How can I say no to these?

Here is another one for you to respond to through the comment box

Note under the door to your brother/sister to let you go first on the Wii/xbox/Playstation/DS/Laptop.


  1. To Emily,

    You know that I always do jobs for you please will you let me go on the wii first tonight I will do lots more jobs for you I will tidy you room and find your lost toys.

    I will help you do your home work I hope you let me on it from olivia xx

  2. To Thomas

    You know that you all ways go on the laptop first please may I go on it first this time I will do your home work for a week,
    I will tidy your room and get the hoover in to it.
    Only if you let me go frist on the laptop.
    From Hannah

  3. Dear sis

    dont you think it is fair that you let me have a go on the lap top in fovor of leting me go on the lap top for 1 week i will paint your nails with my favrot nail polish that you alwase try too steel of me and i will tell you were too get that nail polis you love

  4. To ashton please can i go on the xbox then i get some sweats for you so can i go on the xbox because i nead to play the best game in the world so come it will be fair to let me on it please.from Davey

  5. Dear the best sis in the world

    You know how much I love technology and I know how much you love phones so if you just let me go on the laptop first for a month I will give you a new phone and tidy your room for a week so please let me go on the laptop first.

    Love your amazing sister Elle xxx

    p.s.it6s worth it with all them boring things you don't have to do.

  6. To
    I really need to tell my teacher something about monday its a real good treat for my class,you can have that olymic games and Ill ask mum to take us to the swimming bath instead of you,you can come to my majjoret practise next week and you can get me to be your slave for a week.

    These great things happen only if you let me go on the laptop first for 6 day.

    Love you lots like jelly tots :)

    Love your Brainy Brilliant Superb Sister Grace xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Ps :Rember them great thing only if im allowed :)

  7. Hello Year 4,

    I can see by your writing, you are all quite skilled at persuasion. Considering the scenarios, I would guess the hardest scenario and the one requiring the greatest persuasion would be prying dad away from the Euro 2012 Final if he is a big fan. The easiest would be to convince your teacher to let you have an end of year party.

    Staying up late to watch a movie? At the moment I am looking after a 9 and 12 year old. Just last night the 12 year old tried to convince me she should stay up late to watch a movie. She wasn't persuasive enough. Perhaps she should take lessons from some of you. :)

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

  8. To ben

    You know how you always play on the x box first this week could I play on it.
    I will
    Tidy up your rooom
    Find all your lost toys
    Ansd help you read your hariy maclariy books and your school books.

    please can I go on the xbox first.
    from Hannah
    P.SCan I go on the x bow first this week.

  9. it seems like you love your mums alot is it mothers day yet?

  10. Byebye we will missyou we liked quadblogging with you.From Herbie and Morgan

  11. you rit alot of stuf i hope your mums like the cards

  12. We have been having fun bloging with you we will miss you by Ellie and Krystal

  13. We loved all your coments. Thankyou by.

    from Hana&Gaelle.