Sunday, 21 April 2013

Earth Day 2013

(source - google images)
Today we will be celebrating Earth Day and finding out what we can do to protect and improve our world.

Here is a link to Recycle-zone. You will find more information and some games to play.

Here is a recycling game.

A video about recycling

A video about recycling water 


  1. I really liked the recycling game because it teaches you how to recycle and witch bin the items go in and it was really funny especially when it says"well done"

    From Morgan

  2. I really liked earth day learning how to keep the world healthy I liked it when we went out and did some litter picking I really enjoyed it also it was fun when we were doing the recycling picture .Jessica

  3. I really liked Earth Day. I liked going litter picking and playing the recycling game. I'm looking forward to the next Earth Day!

  4. earth day was really fun i really enjoyed it from lewis