Wednesday, 24 April 2013

When was the last time you said something kind?

Here is our "Say something kind" board. Children in Year 4 give their classmates, including adults, push-ups. Push-ups are a great way of spreading a smile and letting the person know you have noticed their excellent behaviour.

Why not spread a smile today and say something kind.


  1. Hi Year 4,

    What a fantastic blog post and what a fantastic idea. I'd like to say something kind to you all. Even though I've never met you, through reading your blog I know that you are all fantastic learners who are keen to do your best. I also know that you have fantastic adults who work with you!
    I hope that has made you smile.

    I was wondering if it would be OK to "magpie" this idea and use it with my own class and maybe put it on our school blog?

    Mrs Stones

  2. Congratulations Lois on your explanation of this idea. You must have been so nervous standing in front of the whole school & telling them about this lovely idea yet you spoke very clearly & did a fantastic job explaining it all.
    Well done

  3. Thankyou Michaela for putting a comment about me on the say something kind board. ;)

  4. well done,lois.for choosing that choise.I hope we get the ''Say something kind'' board back quickly,because I realy would like to write on the ''Say something kind'' board.because last time I didn't write enything on the ''say something kind'' board.


  5. Imm

    Im so glad we have the say somthing kind board back I had a realy nice push up it made me feel worm inside from Dougie.

  6. Some of the tuth that pople writen on the say something kind borde was nice.

    from Rhys

  7. I think this is a really good idea for people to feel good and for people to be even more friends. I wrote something to to Dougie I put To Dougie thank you for been a really good friend.


  8. jibril and Hana1 May 2013 at 14:55

    wow amazing wondedrful what a kindriffec love it very much. Because the writing is neat and the kindness is amazing.It is legendery.

  9. Thankyou ayisha for putting somthing kind about me on the say somthing kind board it made me really happy.Jessica