Monday, 15 April 2013

Hello quaddies!!!!

Hi there, we are Year 4 from Fieldhead Carr Primary School and we would like to say "Hello" to our new friends in the UK and New Zealand.

Have a look at our blog and see what we've been doing.

Over the next term we are learning about what life was like for a child during WWII.

We are looking forward to getting to know all of you and can't wait to read your comments.

Happy blogging!!!


  1. I am really exited to start quad bloging and cant wait to meet some new people and see what they have been doing at school.

  2. hi maple class i am morgan from year four and i am looking forward to hearing fronm you bye bye for now from morgan

  3. Im exited to quoid blog with are new budies ive already posted a coment Dougie

  4. Hello Year 4,

    I see you are about to launch into a new Quadblogging group. This will be a great opportunity to share and learn with others.

    Your NZ friends would only take about 3 hours to fly to Australia but about 24 hours to reach you. This would make it very hard for them to visit you but Quadblogging means you will only be a type on the computer keyboard away.

    I wonder what all four achools will have in common and in difference?

    I see you will be looking at life for a child in WWII. Will this mean you will learn about air raids and the evacuation of children?

    I can't imagine the feelings of children sent away from home for their safety. I expect some saw it as an adventure and others as frightening.

    Enjoy the Quadblogging experiences. :)

    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

    1. we have already read a story called the Lion and the Unicorn.

      It is about a boy called Lenny how was evacuated and he met a boy in the walled garden called Mick, Mick fought in world war 1 and he lost one of his legs. He also lost his father in world war 1.