Thursday, 6 June 2013

Multifaceted learning

This week the facets have been linked to our main theme of "Being a child during WWII"

The children have made sculptures inspired by Henry Moore and the drawings he made of the huddled people in the underground stations.
Some children created independent work using Purple Mash and finally, other children identified the different historical sources of information we have used so far.

Did you enjoy using the clay? What words could you use to describe the sensation of shaping it?
Can you identify one historical source of information we have used to help us understand what life was like?
Have you been on Purple Mash at home?


  1. When we did the clay it felt really gooey and squishy. It felt weird!

  2. I liked doing the art in multifaceted it was really fun and I liked getting my hands messy.

    from Rhys

  3. wow i loved the learning logs