Friday, 9 September 2011

Our first week

This week has been great fun!

The class have decided what the Investors In Pupils target is.

They have to remember;

water bottle,
reading book and record.

Each table has been working hard to gain "table points" So far there are 6 toppings on the pizza slice!

Here are some photographs from the week.

Children finding out what everyone did this summer. They had to speak to as many children as possible and at the end make a circle. Children had to complete the circle giving holiday news about the child to the left.

Lots of chatting going on!

In maths we tried some of the puzzles with a partner.

How many triangles can you see?

Where do the counters go?

Two of the games

Placing the cards according to the instructions

It has been a great start to Y4 and I hope the children continue to show just as much enthusiasm throughout the year.


  1. That day was cool i enjoyed playing the games with my 2 friends xx

  2. Its great to be back because mrs warner is teaching us from Elle and Oliviaxxxx

  3. Olivia Hessey said "I love my new reading record, its fab and I cannot wait to start filling it in"

  4. I thort it was verry intreasting and cool

  5. I enjoyed the first week from Alex

  6. me too it was greate