Friday, 30 September 2011

What have you done this week?

Please write about your week.

What have you enjoyed?

What have you learned?

My memory of this week has been your smiling faces during swimming. I could tell you were all having a ball.

Hope you have a sunny weekend!


  1. grace :) year 4 xx2 October 2011 at 22:09

    I loved swimming this time it put a really happy smile on my face. I also enjoyed the biscut that hannah and teegan gave my they were delishas girls i would rate you too girls 500/500.i also enk=joyed doin g my homework it was ace to be doing homework again i was last thing i enjoyed was my dinner after swimming it was dilishas xx grace

  2. I enjoyed....
    I loved swiming it was great.
    I loved maths and litrecy.
    Your the best.

    from Hannah XX

  3. I loved this week it was great.Hope we can do it again.The best bit of the week was cookery.I liked swiming.from hannah

  4. i liked swimming this time it was really fun i cant wait till this friday when we go swimming again

  5. i went swiming with my friend at the weekend we went to a swiming pool with 4 water slides we had a great time after we went to mc Donalds and had chicken nuggut happy meal then i sleept at her house xloganx

  6. Thank you for the trip to the show home in Hawthorn Mews Mr Walls.The house was lovely.I wish I lived in it from Maryam.

  7. I engoyed it it was grate from James year 4:)

  8. I enjoyed

    .Getting teached by miss warner
    .I loved doing my homwork
    .The maths and litracey

    from amber xx

  9. It was great swimming and now i can remember my old swimming teacher but i don't go any more

  10. next sataday elle is sleeping at my house and in the morning we are going to flamingo land and we are both looking forawd to it xloganx

  11. Well I realy liked swiming
    from Alice

  12. I enjoyed going swiming
    I enjoyed maths and litracy
    Basicly I enjoyed every thing this week from Alex

  13. i loved swiming and i played i my garden

  14. i enjoyed swimming and the biscuit that abbie gave me thanks abbie i also enjoyed childrens uni and one last thing jail that was'nt as great because i fell over brused my face and cut my side and elbow

  15. on sataday i am going to york doungeon it look's very scary from loganx

  16. on sataday i am going to york doungeon it look's very scary from loganx