Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Presentation Monday

On Monday we listened to a presentation all about "The Olden Days" given by Olivia and Elle.
They did a great job telling us facts they had found out and used a book to display illustrations.

Explaining the facts

A captive audience

The girls worked hard during playtimes and at home, to plan what they would say and how they would organise it all.

Well done! It wasn't easy being the first group in the lime light!!

What can you remember from the presentation?
What happened if you broke the law?
How often did people have a bath?

Reply in sentences and remember VCOP!!


  1. i loved it by Abbie

  2. I liked watching them it was good from james.

  3. I am looking forward to next Monday too.

  4. well done olivia and elle you did great i enjoyed watching you grace !

  5. i enjoyed it it was a great experiance ellexx

  6. It was fab from Alex

  7. it was greate i liked u reading the olden days it was fun u reading some of it to us.