Wednesday, 14 December 2011

How to catch a star by Year 4 inventors

We read the story by Oliver Jeffers and this morning the children have been very busy inventing a machine to catch a star.

After the children had drawn their invention they had to write an explanation of how it worked and presented it to the class "Dragon's Den" style.

Here they are,


  1. I liked doing it it was entrusting too no everybody's invethions like how they work eny way i loved doing it.

  2. I was proud of my self and I liked everyone elses from Abbie

  3. WOW ......fantastic "catch a star" inventions. Thank you for sharing them. Hi to all the Y4 Sprocket Rocket fans from CI HQ

  4. I have had an email from Cracking Ideas Headquarters, asking for our address so they could send us some goodies !!!!!!
    I wonder what they could be.

  5. Cool idea. Are you enjoying your project.

    Callum from Shelley First.

  6. I realy like your idea about the star machine.

    Ellie2 from Shelley First School