Friday, 16 December 2011

Party day

We've had a brilliant day today, thank you everyone for making it a success.

Here are the photos

The buffet (thank you to Parents and Grandparents for bringing it in)

Mr Snowman

Yummy food

A present from Mr Wildgoose our Class Governor 

Presents from Santa

Pass the parcel winners

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Bustin' some moves!!!

Thank you for my cards and presents, you are all very kind and generous.
Have a great Christmas everyone and I will see you next year.

Lots of love,

Mrs W xx


  1. It was brilliant I had a great time and I will really miss you and I cant wait until we come back to see you

    from Abbie

  2. It was great fun, I thought it was funny when the boys moaned when I put Justin Beiber on but they danced along with the girls!!!!!

  3. i loved it yesterday i was great

  4. It was great but I will miss all my friends and you Mrs wxxxx

  5. This time next week you'll all be too excited to think about school! Have a great Christmas x

  6. it was a great day at school and cant wait to come back and i will miss you and hope you have a grate christmas

  7. It was lots of fun, hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas too. See you next year.

  8. oww some lovely coments i come to this school our party was good but that snow man was cool

  9. the party was awsome I felt sick when I got home it was still awsome

  10. the party was brilliant i enjoyed it.

  11. Oooo I love the sound of that amazing food.

    from Ben and George from Shelley First School