Tuesday, 13 December 2011

The story of Cindygrace Windy

This afternoon we were treated to a play called "Cindygrace Windy" performed by a group of children in Year 4. They had organised and planned this themselves during break and lunchtimes. Elle came to school with a bag full of props and costumes.

Here are some photos of the star performers and narrators.

Step mother, Step sister 1, step sister 2 and Cindygrace Windy

Cindygrace and the Fairy Godmother

Stepsisters at the disco

Step sisters trying to impress Prince Aiden

A mysterious "pump" left behind

Prince Aiden arrives to find out who the pump belongs to

Taking a bow
What a fantastic show everyone, I thoroughly enjoyed it, what did everyone else think?

I look forward to part two, "The Married Couple Return"


  1. This looks fab year 4! I bet my children would enjoy watching it, maybe you could come do them a production on the last day!
    Miss Morris x

  2. maybe miss morris we are practising part two and it looks really good

  3. yes me might be practising part 2 it will be great

  4. that was realy good
    it was great

  5. we will ask mrs warner if were allowed to tomorow.

  6. I thoght it was very funny when grace had that big mole on and when I had that dress on from Abbie