Thursday, 20 December 2012

Buddy and the tuna sandwiches

Thursday was our Christmas party afternoon and because Buddy had opened Mrs Warner's present yesterday, he spent time in her office.
During the party Mrs Horn noticed Buddy wasn't in the office, when we turned around he was face down in some tuna sandwiches!

Michaela said she felt something run over her feet, maybe it was Buddy.

Back to the office for you Buddy.

It will be our last day together tomorrow, I do hope Buddy is on his best behaviour.

Can you write a report to Santa telling him about Buddy and his behaviour. Should be be on the naughty or nice list?


  1. hi this is morgan i just had a look at all the pictures of buddy and i think he should be on the naughty list morgan

  2. buddy is very gready he must like sandwiches from lewis