Friday, 7 December 2012

Anti bullying Learning Logs

The quality of learning logs this week have been incredible. They contain some very useful advice if you are being bullied and what you could do about it.

The winning log was from Tullyanne.

closely followed by Dougie

Here is a slideshow of all learning logs.


  1. Hello Year 4,

    I was impressed by your learning logs about bullying. Bullying has been an issue throughout history when the strong pick on the weak.

    I noticed some logs wrote about cyber bullying, an issue not possible when I was your age. There are people, sometimes called trolls, who have fun making others upset on line. It is cowardly because they don't feel they'll be caught.

    Some of you identified different types of bullying. It is important to know it is more than just hitting people.

    I liked the anti-bullying posters and the advice to be a buddy, not a bully. Most of all, I liked the advice we should tell someone if we are bullied or see others being bullied.

    Well done, everyone. :)

    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

  2. I liked everyones learning log because everyone participated and tried their hardest to have a brilliant learning log to bring to school and show the whole class.

    It's good that everyone atleast had a go at their learning log and you can always find information for the task we have all been given.

    From Ayisha ;)