Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Moving and growing theme

On Monday we started our new science theme. Over the next few weeks Year 4 will be learning about our bodies, especially the skeleton and muscles.

Here are a few games I have found, including the one we looked at yesterday.

How many questions will you get right in this quiz

The game we played together is here

Can you make a mammal? Click here

Build a skeleton game here

BrainPop has lots of videos too. Log in and search "skeleton"

Here is the funny dance you enjoyed performing

Have a look at Ayisha's version, can you work out what she has done?


  1. I like the skeleton dance. Its funny. Me And my mum watched the skeleton dance.

    From Amelia

    1. I liked the Skeleton Dance too and i liked the Deadly 60 Game aswell.

      From Ayisha. ;)

  2. WOW I never knew that an elephants mouth was under its trunk.
    Those and some top facts about bones and muscles.