Tuesday, 22 January 2013

What SMART are you?

The children in Year 4 already know what type of learner they are and this afternoon we talked about "Smarts"

A smart is an intelligence

Kinaesthetic - Body smart
Logical - Number smart
Intrapersonal - Myself smart
Visual/spacial - Picture smart
Linguistic - Word smart
Interpersonal - People smart
Musical - Music smart
Naturalistic - Nature smart

Click here to complete a questionnaire to find out your smart (intelligence)
You can create a graphic illustration of your questionnaire.

Here is my graphic

Please reply with comments about what you learned about yourself


  1. Hi Year 4,

    This sounded like such an interesting idea that I just had to have a go at the questionnaire myself. There were an interesting range of questions. Some I could answer immediately, while others took me quite a while to think about.
    I found out that I'm not very "music" smart, although to be honest I probably already knew this. I love listening to music and singing along to songs that I know but this does tend to be when I'm alone in the car, so no-one else can hear me!
    On the other hand, I discovered that I am "word" and "myself" smart. I think it's very important to know and be honest with yourself. I can sometimes be too hard on myself, which is something I'm trying to work on.

    I hope you all enjoyed taking the questionnaire and I look forward to reading what you found out about yourselves.

    Mrs Stones

  2. Hi year 4, I loved this questionnaire, I have found out that I am an Linguistic learner, from Mrs Kendrick

  3. Wow Year 4, we at High Lawn Primary School have found this post really interesting! We are even going to have a go at the questionnaire to find out what area(s) we are smart at!

    Thank you very much for this brilliant idea!

    4C @ www.highlawnprimary.net

  4. hi its becky from year 6 i used this and it is very fun and i found out i am interpersonal most of all which is people smart.