Thursday, 17 January 2013

Multifaceted learning afternoon

There was a buzz of excitement in the Year Four classroom today.

We tried something new called "Multifaceted Learning" The idea came from Miss Kitchen who used this method with her Year Six class last year.

This is how it looked.

We had a literacy, history and science activity all going on at the same time. Two activities had an adult guiding the group and one activity was completely independent.

Here are the photos of the afternoon.

Please reply with comments about how you thought the afternoon went? 
  • Did you like this method of teaching and learning?
  • Did you prefer a particular facet?
  • Do you like working independently?
  • Did you learn anything new?
  • Are you looking forward to your final facet on Monday?
  • Where would you place your learning on the basic, better, best, blow your mind outcomes?


  1. Hi Year 4,
    This looks like a very interesting afternoon and a very interesting way in which to work. I particularly like the fact that there was a group who were expected to work independently.
    I'd like to ask a couple of questions :
    Did you get to work on each of the three activities during the afternoon?
    Who/how was it decided when it was time to move onto the next activity?
    Mrs Stones

  2. Thank you, Year 4, for letting me come to show you a different way of learning. I would be very interested to hear your opinions on learning this way. What did you think? What were your likes and dislikes about multifaceted learning?

    Miss Kitchen

    1. i loved worinking with my friends we worked as a team . didnt like geting dirty but we had fun

    2. Me and Morgan loved doing everything my favourite thing was the science facite Morgan loved the literacy facite from morgan and izzy

  3. I Liked doing the multifaceted experiments it was really fun and I'm really looking forward to doing the last activity next week.

    From Ayisha

  4. Wow!It looks very fun to try out everything!Those snowmen shape poems looked very cool and I want to try and do one myself!I don'nt think mine would be as good as yours though! From Charlie at High Lawn Primary school

  5. Wow!It looks like you had LOADS of fun!I should really have a try at those snowman shape poems!I could see that everybody was working so hard just by pictures and I wonder how busy you were at the scene!

  6. "Ivery like multifaceted learing afer noon!" from Sade.

  7. It was fun doing multifaceted learning with Mrs horn,Mrs Warner. I like Science the best because we got to work on our own.

    from megan

  8. that multifacited learning was very fun it was really fun from lewis