Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Year 4 are now tweeting about their learning

Make your own slide show at Animoto.


  1. Hi There Grade 4,
    We are 3K from Cambridge P.S in Melbournr Australia. We loved your blog and wanted to tell you all how fantastic your work is. We hope to chat to you all soon.

  2. Hi Year 4,

    I am very excited to read that you have started tweeting about your learning alongside blogging. I really like the sentence starters you are using to help you write your tweets. They focus on the positive aspects of your learning aswell as giving your the opportunity to ask questions. I'll have to get following you!

    Mrs Stones

  3. Hello Year 4 and Mrs Warner,
    How exciting - Twitter in Year 4. Hope the tweets are working well, I look forward to hearing more!
    Miss Hillerby

  4. I like the twitter acount because it is fun giving coments


  5. I love twitter because its fun to see what over classes doing

    from izzy

  6. I have got my own Twitter account that I am keeping safe. Twitter is really really fun because you get to see what everyone is up to and people can see what you are doing and tweet back.

    1. I agree Twitter can be a great way to share ideas. I will talk to everyone in class about staying safe online, including using social networking sites.