Thursday, 7 June 2012

It's a snow day in New Zealand

I've just visited our blog buddies in New Zealand and found out it's snowing there.

This is a satellite image of South Island from 9plus10's blog.

Pop over and share your snow stories.


  1. Orr why can't it be snowing here insted of the rain we have had has the rain stoped enyone from going out?It has not stoped me.

    1. We went to Bridlington yesterday and got caught in a storm, we tried to shield ourselves under a tree but we got drenched. Luke's Nanna and Grandad's garden was flooded. I will bring a photo to school on Monday.

    2. wow mrs warner i would love to see the picture of lukes nanna and grandads garden and i bet you did get drenched it was really flooded in our garden by Abbie

  2. Ela could have been born in new zealand her great great grandad rhodes visited there just after ww1 and loved the place and wanted to stay, it looks like a great place with mountains rivers lakes and really spooky geysers and landscapes
    Love from ela's grandad

  3. wow I didnt know that ela could of been born in new zealand that is very interesting.