Thursday, 21 June 2012

Talk homework


Have a look in a newspaper or magazine for some adverts and see if you can spot some of the features we discussed this week.

Share all your new knowledge with your parents and point out any persuasive language, slogans or techniques you see.

If you find a good one, bring it to school


  1. I have already done my big write because I am not comming to school tomorow that is simpely because I have Dameged my ligamets in my foot.Good luck to every one.I am missing you all.

    1. We are missing you too.
      Does that mean you will not be fit enough for sports day on Monday?

      Get plenty of rest Hannah and get well soon.

    2. I do not know.I hope I can Dance because I am off to cayton bay on friday Fingers crossed the weather gets better for all of you because the nures said it will be better in 2 to 3 weeks.

  2. Have you done the big write?Did you like mine?